Why Is “Education” necessary for us, especially women ??

Education is something which lasts long till dead no one can take it from you. Being educated is a blessing of Allah Almighty. Education is the most important part of life for men as well as women. Why education is necessary for women ?? Because they want to stand shoulder to shoulder to men?? Because they want to b stable?? They want some more form their basic homely life ?? Yes, might be! But the main reason of education should be the reason to teach their siblings, to groom them, to polish them.

“Give me good mother I’ll give you a good nation “


This means a good nation depends on how a mother grooms her child. An illiterate mother will groom her children in an illiterate way and a literate mother will indulge her qualities as well as let them adopt new qualities also. The more we learn the more we groom. To have a good nation it’s very necessary to let your daughters provide the facility of education if you keep your daughters devoid from it the nation will be doomed soon. Educated people are revolutionary.

Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) also was in their favour of education he said;

“Learn from the lap of your mother till grave.”

We all have some hidden flaws and as we start getting educated about these flaws we try to change them, try to b different and a well-groomed person. Remember every girl is a would-be-mother so she is righteous to study. If we want a better nation we must pay heed to what the last prophet (P.B.U.H) said and what he wanted.

What part education plays in our life?

1. Disciplined

2. Mannered

3. How to live in a Society

4. Good citizens

5. Capable

6. Use skills

7. Train others

8. Generate your own point of view

Education is a blessing and we women should gain it because we are righteous!!

Fatima Ali

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