What is dandruff – How to fight back

There are a number of problems to deal with hairs, on daily basis, but when it comes to the white flakes which are peeping through the hairs looks a disaster. It is hard to beat the dreadful dandruff but not impossible. Continue scrolling and get to know!

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What is Dandruff?

When the old cells are pushed outward they die there and flake off. The skin sheds in oily larger clumps that can be visible therefore that is dandruff.

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What causes dandruff?

Mostly dandruff causes due to a “seborrhea”, it is a common skin problem, It causes a red itchy rash and white scales, when it affect the skin it is called dandruff, or because of “Malasszia”, which increases the skin cell to grow and then the extra skin cells die and flake off but there are a number of mistakes that we do and they cause dandruff. Here are some tips to fight back dandruff.

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1. Brush your hairs frequently:

Stimulating the scalp increases blood circulation which increases the secretion of oils that keeps the scalp healthy and dandruff free.

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2. Avoid direct heat:

Now-a-days we live in the rush we want things to happen quickly. After showering the biggest blunder is blowdrying or using heat rods to style our hair. All this makes the scalp dry. Let your hair dry naturally instead of direct exposure to hair.

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3. Drink more water:

During winter we usually forget to drink water, this dehydrates the skin and hair, resulting dandruff. Drink as much water as you can to keep yourself hydrated and to prevent dandruff.

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4. Change your diet:

One way to get rid of dandruff is to change your diet, include fruits, salads, egg, fish, bananas, Spanish, and meat in your diet, they are powerful sources of nutrients.

Otherwise take supplements such as zinc, omega3 to help you get healthy hair.

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5. Oil your hair:

We think oiling is not important for our hair , or may be you think your hair are much greezy to apply oil on but all of this is wrong , oil is the food to our hairs, as well as scalp. It deeply nourishes your hairs and hydrates your hair scalp. Oiling 30 minutes before every bath is the best, in such a busy routine. Coconut oil, almond oil, Caster oil are the best, just slightly heat the oil and apply before shampoo.

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6. Reduce stress:

Stress is the 1st cause of every disease, stress aggravates the mild dandruff in severe. Cut down your stress. Keep away from negativity and have a peaceful mind.

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7. Don’t colour your hair:

Dying your hair is a not bad at all but some hair colour include chemicals which might coming in contact with scalp cause dandruff.

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