A Cancer that destroys relationships – Selfishness

Relationships are a part and parcel of life. There are a lot of people who we care about, whether they are related by by blood or not, as sentiments don’t need a reason or ant solid relation to connect care and feel for someone, but the only thing that destroys a relation or any terms with any person is “selfishness.”

Ups and downs are a part and parcel of life, but being egocentric in this curtail time is the most selfish deed you ever do, being together means ONE, if close ones will leave in the mid way of dark gloomy woods then trust, love, respect and humanity will vanish. This is the culprit which will unintentionally indulge self-centeredness which is the very common flaw of society.

We for get to “be humane” as we wonder if every person lives for their own sake why should not we? This thought becomes the cause of this suffocating society. Every culture preaches peace, harmony, love and humanity then why we forget this ? Why our concept becomes so vague? Every good deed we do will count and will encourage others too help those who are stuck, rather to think of your own. Even a smile, little support is enough for other to feel that you stand by them.

Here I have shared what I have learnt from my experience and observation How and Why people react. Keep scrolling!

WHAT I HAVE LEARNT is that there are two types of people, one who learn from their own experience and do the same as others treated them and are very insecure and do not believe in themselves, others are one who are those who keep in mind that they will not think ill for someone, believe in their own self and are content with what they have.

Keeping grudges and malice for each other does not helps. I have deeply observed that if you constantly keep thinking ill for someone and take things to your heart then, yes! one day it will grow to a tree which will bare a poison fruit, whenever given a chance you will not waste a minute to cause harm to that particular person when in need. If you have issues with someone put your heart on your sleeve, talk to them, if any joke or a doing of a person hurts you ask them to avoid it for the next time.

We all become jealous, feel awkward for the moment as we are mesmerized by that persons achievement or appearance, we even get possessive for people whom we love. All this is human but developing the sense of selfishness destroys one from inside along the whole society. This is also called the cancer of competition that destroys the relationships.

Every persons IQ differs as well as opportunities and situations, so try to become more productive and become optimistic rather than wasting time on thinking ill things and developing the sense of selfishness.

Being open, appreciating, understanding their situation, helping them in the effort they make, believing in them and stop competing each other will help a lot. The true value of the relationship is found in unity, seeking something greater and being flexible. It requires sacrifice, care for one another – the kind of care that does not costs anything except for a transparent heart.

“The care, values, love, and wants are not about ME. They are about WE”

-Muhammad Ashar

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