Wear Heels all day long without hurting your feet!

Heels are the other name of pain. But we girls can’t even live without them. Heels add glamour to our outfit and are never out of trend. Heels are must in every girls wardrobe. But the question arises is that how to wear heels without pain? but there is a good news it is possible to survive the whole day long without hurting your feet! Curious how? Then read out and come to know the key secrets.

1. Wear the right size:

Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” If a girl has the right pair of shoes she can make her feet survive for long in heels. It is very important to know the right size of your feet. Have your feet sized every year, by width and length as well.

TIP: While buying a heel keep it in mind that give you longest toe some breathing space, and never buy a fitted heel because feet swell and then became painful. So buy heels at end of shopping when your feet are already swollen.

2. Thicker heels the best:

Always go for thicker chinky heels, avoid stilettos, Stilettos cause your feet to wobble around. Yes it’s true that some dresses call for a stiletto so do wear them but for everyday routine never go for them. Thicker heels have more surface area so they reduce pressure on the soles of your feet and make you feel more comfortable.

3. Walk Straight:

The every step you take contributes how smooth or painful you walk is. When wearing heels take smaller steps then usual, keep your legs straight and don’t apply much pressure on your toes while walking.

4. Stretch your feet:

Take a break and take off your heels. Stretch your feet to relax your toes, tendon and calf muscles. Move your toes and be barefooted for a while.

5. Tape your toes:

Taping toes is an old trick and does work worders if you tape your third and fourth toe together it will ease your walking a lot more than we think.

Tip: Make sure use a medical tape to avoid any numbness.

6. Go for shoes covered from top:

Strappy thin open heels could be really rude to your feet. They can make you triple off and cause blisters. So always opt for front covered shoes they will give you much more support and stability.

-Fatima Ali

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