Ways to have a digital detox

Digital world is now a part of our everyday lives, we are drowned in the digital world. The pressure we have on us how to keep ourselves active on social media, keep up with our friends, being picture perfect all this drives us insane but we can’t stop.

Many times we might feel like not being part of this digital world and give ourselves a peace of mind. Having a digital detox might seem very difficult because “Habbits die hard” but it is not impossible. Here is a guide below which will help you find out why and how to get a digital detox.

1. Signs You might need a digital detox:

  • Feel stressed or anxious if you can’t find your phone.
  • Checking your phone every few minutes.
  • Feel depressed or angry after spending time on social media.
  • Your mind is pre occupied with counting the likes, reshares or comment on social media.
  • Staying up late on your phone.
  • Using phone without any reason.
  • Have you keep yourself updated every time.

How to unplug yourself from social media:

1. Be Realistic:

Reforming yourself totally from digital devices deprive you from all the fun you have. For some people forgiving all types of digital communication might be impossible because its their work related but it doesn’t mean you will be deprived of digital detox!

Try doing mini detox, find some time of the day where you switch of all the devices and refrain from using them.

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2. Avoid screens before bed:

The addiction to the technology keeps you awake the whole night which becomes a reason of feeling tired in the morning. The blue light that emits from the devices are the real culprit, screens restrain the production of melatonin – the hormone that controls your sleep cycle. So avoid phones or watching TV after you hop in your bed.

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3. Go for black and white:

The dynamic colour or your phase attract you the most and evil-doer. So go retro change the setting of your phones and go with the grayscales. It is quick easy app that will make you resist the urge to look at your phone.

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4. Turn off social media notifications:

Its not easy to disconnect yourself from social media it’s the biggest obsession but to stop yourself from checking single every single post turn off your notifications.

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5. No TV in bedroom:

Bedrooms are made to rest, they are a source of comfort and are to relax, and TV in bedroom will not allow you to sleep. You will keep switching channels and the sleep will disappear, making you feel unwell.

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6. Opt for non-digital alternatives:

Replace your digital devices by some activities like reading books, newspapers or playing games or sports. Select those alternatives things which you would like to do rather than using digital devices. Like going for your hobbies like painting or sketching etc.

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7. Check emails once a day:

Keep scrolling on digital devices is useless, to make yourself more productive and involve yourself in essential tastes check your mails once a day. Don’t refresh your inbox every minute just take out one hour everyday to check mails together.

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8. Mission Friends:

Catchup your friends and spend sometime with them. Find a friend and make him join the mission you are on of digital detox. This will make you feel less lonely and will feel you more motivated.

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9. Put your phone away during meals:

Usually during eating we use our phone and keep scrolling and texting. During eating reduce the interaction with any digital device, and keep yourself fully present during eating.

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10. Tell people you are on digital detox:

Tell people you are on digital detox tell them not to text you or keep calling you, until you are not done with your detox. By this they will stop tagging you on social media apps, or sending you messages this will make your detox more easier. 

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-Fatima Ali

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