Want to remove body hairs and you are confused which method to opt?

Shaving few times a week is a lot of time consuming, plus the razor burn is the worst. Tweezing or using epilators is a tiny torture device. Waxing can hurt like hell, especially if you have sensitive skin.

These are not permanent solutions, none of them make us achieve 100% smooth hairless skin. They always grow back, and we are always struggling. The solution to all these problems is Laser Hair Removal. No doubt that all the above mentioned methods are cheap and pocket friendly but invest a little more to get rid of hairy skin.

Laser hair removal is a monochromatic beam of light that penetrates in the root of the hair, and destroys the hair follicle so it never has a chance to grow.

But before you opt the method of laser here is something you must know about it, then make up your mind.

1. Is laser permanent?

The question that arises in our mind that will laser last forever? Will it make our body hair free forever?

Believe it one session of laser does it, but completing six sessions does offer long -lasting permanent hair reduction. Laser can be done all over your body without harming your skin and will remove even the thin fine hairs on your face, fingers, body or even private parts.

2. Risks:

There is potential for superficial scabbing that usually resolves within two weeks. So it is important to minimize the risk of adverse effects by asking a trained professional before getting your laser done.

3. Preparation for laser hair removal:

Before the first session of laser hair removal don’t wax your hair from the last six weeks, only shave the due areas 5 days prior laser hair removal. This will help the laser permeate the root of the hairs.

4. Is laser painful?

The laser removal process itself is not painful but if you have sensitive skin you could feel some sensation or the skin would become a little red but will calm down soon, most people relate the feeling of laser to be snapped with a rubber band or a light pinch but a gel or a mist is applied to sooth the area, but this process is done very quickly and much more tolerable than waxing, all will be done before you know.

5. Don’t workout:

After treatment there maybe erythema or skin redness so it would be very sensitive for few hours, to avoid any kind of irritation don’t workout. Otherwise, rash as infection could cause.

6. Don’t expose yourself to sun:

After laser hair removal apply ice to the treated area and avoid sun exposure for six weeks use a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily. This will help you continue your routine work with providing the protection from sun.

7. Home Lasers:

Laser, can be done at home also, thanks to the laser devices. A home laser can cause injury because we are not professionals, we should have proper command over the machines. If you know how to use devices then it can be used at home by following the instructions on that device, to reduce the risk of injury.

All methods are used but the most effective is the laser which helps you forget the tension of tweezing or waxing for years and this makes us feel so light and relaxed. We wast so much money on waxing and try different brands and putt al lot of effort and time to this, so why not to invest in waxing, I believe it will be budget friendly. It can be done at home but why to call for problems when they are far way? let leave it to the doctor and enjoy the smooth sink without any stress of prominent hairs.

-Fatima Ali

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