Stinking Body Odor – How to Prevent

Staying fresh and sweat free in such an extreme weather in Pakistan is really a hard nut to crack. Due to sweat the stinking body odor omits and causes various problems. There are numerous ways to prevent from sweating but still the root cause of sweating is something which we should really take notice off. To find out keep scrolling!

1. Diet:

What we consume is the most essential thing, diet matters a lot. What we take in shows on the outer side. Healthy diet means healthy body. A balanced diet always keeps you up to the mark without letting you suffer from body issues. So watch your diet.

“moderation is perfection”

2. Intake of spicy and stingy food:

Spices and food such as garlic, onion consist of a aroma that come through the pores of the body when you sweat , it doesn’t mean to stop coming them but eat them in moderation.

3. Un breathable fabrics:

The fabric we wear is really important and can effect on how much you sweat. Choose fabrics that are breathable such as cotton.

Breathable clothes will allow  the air and will keep the sweat from building up. Less sweating prevents from bacteria to grow and reduces body odor.

4. Do your laundry:

Bacteria comfortably accumulates and reproduce in clothes, when not washed properly the bacterial odor remains on it and is not hygienic anymore. So wash out laundry properly to refrain stinking smell and bacteria.

5. Regular showering:

Regular shower wash away the bacteria and prevents the stinking odor to produce. Use anti bacterial soaps and thoroughly wash the area of the body that are more prone to sweating such as underarms and feet.

6. Use Antiperspirants:

You might be conscious of antiperspirants because they cause breast cancer, try not to use in access. Use it at night before sleeping or in the morning to keep off the sweat and the stinking smell.

7. Keep your skin dry:

Never keep the prone areas wet, This causes a stinking smell to produce if not treated will become permanent.

If things are getting worse and you are suffering from fungal infections and serious bacterial odor then do consult a doctor. A doctor will treat will and find the cause of the stinking body odor.

-Fatima Ali

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