How to set up your wardrobe for this spring.

As spring season approaches, so too time too does the time to rethink our wardrobe setup. Spring is almost at our doorstep and that means no more winter sweaters, neck scarves and coats work but you can make strategy about layering.

It doesn’t mean that change your entire wardrobe, throw your existing clothes and start over. Made a thoughtful refresh that gives you a classy look without wasting your existing wardrobe.

You have to invest in some new basics, lift up your layering game and integrate brighter colors are all worthy approaches to dress up for spring.

Let’s take a look at the below-provided guidelines to do this task with a minimal fuss, with a broader sense of choices and disturbing your pocket.

1. Get colorful stuff:

Focus on your color selection is an obligation for getting yourself into spring style. This simplest approach is to include brighter shades of colors you already like to wear.

Aside from blue and green, you could go for pastels to add some softer hues to your outfits. If they are not already staples of yours, then while deciding what to wear this spring could be the perfect time to get some.

2. Get layers:

As we did in autumn, spring is also the season to boost your layering game. This lets you get creative while also serving the practical purpose of adapting yourself to the recent weather changes.

So in spring layering is all about strategy. You don’t need a middle layer just the inner and outer layer will give you a classy look. So a T-shirt and a jacket serve for this purpose but remember made a color choice that is suitable as if wearing a solid color pattern as an inner layer than try to wear light-colored outer layer.

3. Invest in trouser and jeans:

Spring is also a good time to invest in new jeans and chinos such as a quality pair made of selvedge denim. While you might go for black and darker shades of indigo in winter, spring calls for lighter and softer shades of blue or even washed look. This can also tie in nicely with a refreshed wardrobe palette. Such as pastels you are now matching with.

4. Get some sneakers:

If you liven in northern hemisphere, spring is the only season out of 4 seasons when it actually makes sense to go outside in sneakers. So getting sneakers this spring will add a new level of comfort to your spring styling.

5. Wear sunglasses:

Spring is the time of year when days are longer and brighter. So this provides you an opportunity to add sunglasses to you wearing style. This is especially handy and sassy if you go for work by car.

Not only should you go for a color that matches your current style. But you can also match sunglasses with your accessories like wristwatches. So this could be the opportunity to try something different.

-Fatima Ali

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