Sane Steps To Take On This 14th August

Being a patriot we all are very enthusiastic on independence day. 14th August matters for all Pakistanis. We celebrate this day by luminating lights, hanging paper flags, all Pakistanis wear green and white clothes, similar to the flag. Sing national songs, watch patriotic dramas, pray for those who lost their lives during the time of partition also pray to resolve the problems faced by Pakistan.

All Pakistani’s want Pakistan to prosper, and who does not? We all want to omit the troubles that occur and become a hurdle in the headway of Pakistan. Every patriot wants their nation to progress by leaps and bounds, but being citizens of this country Pakistan we do a lot of things that contribute in the underdevelopment and a pathetic situation of Pakistan. Yes, its true its we are not letting our beloved country develop, we and our thinking is the major obstacle. You would be wondering HOW? How problems faced by Pakistan are because of us? Give me the chance to pin point our mistakes;

Problems Faced By Pakistan:

1. Water Crisis:

Water crisis is the major issue of Pakistan. You would definitely say that how we citizens are the root of this calamity? but its true we are the one’s. Have we ever thought before using water lavishly? Now, you will deny that we never did so. We always make sure not to waste water. Sorry but its the truth that we do use excessive amount of water, which is causing water crisis.

You can observe that there is no house without a maid. You can find a helper in every house, just to lessen the burden of women at homes. What those maids do is that they use excess of water and keep spilling clean useable water. Other than that in our daily lives we waste tons of water, and this is the one chief problem faced by Pakistan.

water usage in homes - problems faced in Pakistan

This is according to the PUB survey of 1995 and now in 2020 its getting more worse. We forget that water is a blessing for us and we are spilling tones of water just for nothing. Where we use excess of water there we can sum up our work with little amount of water. Here is a guide below;

– Don’t Let Water Flow While Showering:

We keep the shower running while shampooing and do not even bother that how much drinkable water is drained. If we all take a step to not to waste water while bathing then we can save a lot of amount of water. Where from every individual house 44.8% of water is used for bathing there the percentage will decrease and we will succeed in saving water little by little.

Don't waste water in shower

– How To Save Water While Toilet Flushing:

You have seen in the pie chart above that 18.3% of fresh water is wasted in flushing. I know You would think that I have gone mad or what am I saying, I am not asking you not to flush but I am asking you to flush thoughtfully, HOW? let me tell you;

A family of five has about seven flushes a day, at home, some are at office and school. All the clean water is wasted just to flush. So, to avoid excess use of clean water we can use shower water for flushing, by taking a container and collecting the water while taking bath. Think! while showering you waste all the water when it can be reused. Or use a Fill cycle diverter for savage of water.

save water while flushing

– How To Save Water While Laundering:

A lot of water is needed to wash clothes, this is what we think, but we can wash our clothes efficiently without wasting water. Some clothes do not need any wash after every wear, for instance, office wear (if you work in an air-conditioned office then you need not to wash after every wear), sweaters, denim and many more, so no need to laundry them.

To use the correct amount of detergent is also very essential. As the water will not be wasted to drain the detergent out of the clothes. Now-a-days advanced technology is looming, so there are so many laundry machines that consume very less water but give the same result as a machine that consumes a lot of water to wash clothes. Its better to buy such a machine and save water for the future.

buy a water saving machine

– Savage Of Water During Washing Dishes:

While doing house hold its must that women’s should keep notice of the water they use. Washing dishes pours loads of water in the drain, so to not waste water women can keep buckets in the kitchen. Each bucket will have water, at first they can remove the leftover on plates, on the other they can rinse them with soapy water and at last they can be thoroughly rinsed in the 3rd bucket, or they can sponge wash dishes. This will reduce spilling to a great extent.

Wash dishes in a tub to save water

– Less Consumption Of Water:

In Pakistan we use water lavishly to clean our houses, or while brushing we are in the habit of let the tap run, when asked, we shrug that we are not aware how the water vanished.

Lets build a habit not to waste water, and consume less. (now I am not referring to consume very little water instead consume the sufficient amount of water without wasting it.)

close the tap while brushing

– Use Rain Water:

In Pakistan we don’t even know what is “storage of rain water.” We have not being given the concept to store rain water. Pakistanis adore to get wet in rain but are not thoughtful that how can we use this water. We fix our faults at the Government that its their duty to collect water and provide the citizens. We remember our rights and Governments duties but forget our own duty. Then why not Pakistan should face problems?

If we start collecting rain water and use it for gardening, showering, flushing, washing cars, laundry etc. Rain water can not be kept for long, as it may breed mosquitos, so even if it is used for 2 days think how much water every single house can save?

2. Eco-Friendly Pakistan:

Choosing the right or the wrong way is in our own hands, it depends on us whether we want to live a good healthy life or want to let things be on their own? “I want a healthy life” Is this saying enough for us to acquire a good, enthusiastic life? NO, not at all, the life we want depends on our efforts that we make for such a living.

Pakistan is not eco-friendly, which leads numerous of problems, that our upcoming generations will also suffer, if we will not take a stand.

To make Pakistan environmental friendly is not difficult but needs only few steps taken by every individual, and you will be able to see the sudden reformation.

3. Increase In Child Labor And Lack Of Education In Pakistan:

As education is also the most highlighted problem faced by Pakistan. Being an underdeveloped country here are lack of jobs and many people are not educated. They opt for labor, still they are unable to fulfill the needs of their family. Population is increasing rapidly and every family has 6 or more members. In order to satisfy their needs, labor of one person is not enough, so instead of going to school children are introduced to child labor.

Fight against child labor

I agree you would say it’s the duty of the Government to offer them this service. According to the constitutional article 25A in 18th amendment it was said that the state will provide free educated to the students up till they are 16. But the Government is not able to implement on it, due to a number of problems. If we stop blaming the Government for each flaw and ponder a little then the problem will come to an end.

If we all support an individual family buy educating one child we can solve this problem of the society. A government schools fee per year is less than you can spend while ordering a home delivery or shopping online.

educate children, for better future

So being a responsible citizen let’s take this step and provide an opportunity to one child of each individual family.

If we want to make Pakistan a worth living place, then from today on 14th August lets get determined to follow these steps. Lets make our country blossom and bloom by being a sophisticated thoughtful person of the society. I agree one man can not bring a sudden change but if one of us will make an effort to do even a single thing then we will succeed in ending problems in Pakistan.

-Fatima Ali

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