Keep your siblings safe – Mom’s role!

Being parents is not an easy task, you have to keep an eye on every single thing that happening in your child’s life. What’s on their mind or what they are going through it’s hard to know, until and unless you are not close to them.

The ratio of kids being being raped is at extreme and is increasing day by day. Every week a child get’s raped. Sorry! But we being parents allow things to happen by not giving attention to what our kids needs from us, and what should we do to keep them safe from such psychological persons.

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1. Differentiate:

In today’s world where cartoons represent the opposite gender attraction, and we have kids more curious, it’s not appropriate to talk to them about the differences. It’s important for them to gain guidance about their body parts and their safety.

2. Good Touch, Bad Touch:

Parents should clearly inform their child about good and bad touch. Children must be aware of that no one allowed to touch their private parts. It is very essential to teach children about respect for “body space”.

3. How to make understand a good or bad touch:

Teach your child that when you help someone or they are pleased by you or care for you they will touch you differently, like holding hand, putting hands on their head or showing care etc.

A bad touch is something you like to refrain like touching your private parts.

Your child should be aware of the touches, tell her some touches are acceptable and some are not if she/he is confused about a touch or are not sure what that touch was then they must tell you all of a sudden. They should have the power to say “No”, and immediately tell you.

4. What parents should actually do:

  • Use inappropriate language

Take names of the body parts to let them know that there is something bad about the names also let them know what are private parts.

  • Privacy:

Don’t let your sibling be naked infront of each other even if they are small, tell your children to give privacy to each other.

  • Inappropriate questions:

Even if your child asks a question that is quite mature or its answer is not appropriate then tell them answers according to their age and level of understanding.

  • Don’t be non-serious or too disgusted:

Children’s have a lot of questions and even if they ask you don’t get annoyed over them or don’t show the feeling of disgust, even if it’s a silly question don’t laugh at it answer it seriously. By this your child will gain confidence to ask he/she will never hide something from you, they will let you know everything. And also don’t exceed the talk have a brief talk and let it go.

  • No one loves your kids, except you:

Never force your child to go with someone to whom he does not want to go near. Don’t force him to give hugs or make them sit on others lap or let others be close to your kids. No one is trust worthy! Because touching by a familiar person could be very confusing for kids. Don’t let your kids be alone with someone even if the person is a family member or a close friend.

  • Don’t put your kids work on others:

Being a mom it’s your responsibility to do your child’s work, don’t hand it over to others mom’s sometime disgust to change their child’s dipers and let servants do it, it’s the biggest drawback, never let your child trusted with others, do it by self. Don’t let your children come home alone with drivers, go ‘yourself’ be their for your kids. It’s a huge responsibility but it is all for your kids.

  • Give time:

Unfortunately the technology has taken over everyone’s mind we are always into phone or our different pursuits, which has become the reason to neglect our kids. Fathers are all day out struggling to earn for their family they cannot give much time to their kids they should pay heed on her siblings and make sure she is the best friend of her kids, they let her know every thing happening in life.

“Give time, save lifes”

-Fatima Ali

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