I’m not beautiful – Complex –Body Dysmorphia

Looking in the mirror makes us realize how beautiful and captivating features our friends or other people have, and the fun factor is that they also think the same about us, LOL!

We all feel that, instead of us all other people are gorgeous and have sharp and seductive features, we realize all this standing in-front of the mirror. WHAT? Like why we even do that? Are not we blessed by beauty?

Who does think they are ugly. Imagine to be without a nose or a crocked face, how would you feel then? OMG! Like why do we all even think this? Why to have such a great complex?

I know it may feel as a lecture to you all, and you might think that its obvious to feel this but no it isn’t. WHY and HOW to avoid it, drag your fingers upwards and read what’s written below.

1. My Nose Is Too Big For Me – I Am Not Beautiful:

I also had that thought once (actually many times), I found my nose tooooo huge for my face, like a huge potato. The chubbiness on my face gave me a full trauma of being bulky, even when I was not.

We all have different body structures some are slim and some have wide bones and some are bulky, every person in this world differs from each individual. Oh ! Why isn’t our large brain working being beautiful and captivating are two things far apart, two poles on contrary side, let me explain;

2. Stop Assuming yourself As A Star:

Stop assuming yourself as a hero or heroine, please!! it’s your original life – not directed, if you don’t believe give a slap yourself, may be your dead mind cells shrivel up and let cells beneath some oxygen, which will let you see the reality. Yeah seriously !!

oh yes it is!

3. Stop Thinking Of Looking Attractive:

Want to look captivating tear your cloths or cut them off, wear a backless dress and walk in streets, such as Old Anarkeli (place in Pakistan), then definitely everyone will find you captivating even if you have a pumpkin face with a potato as your nose. Don’t believe give a try! Being attractive does not means that you have to expose yourself. You are attractive, you are beautiful, you don’t have to prove this to everyone.

4. Beauty Is Inside You:

Being beautiful is what you are actually, I know you would think that I will start giving you bhashion (lecture) on inner beauty but no I will not, I’ll want you to search for those people who went through a plastic surgery to enhance their beauty and then regretted as they felt like they lost their identity – having a change physically is a bold decision.

5. Who Says You Are Not Beautiful:

Who is the one who says you are not perfect? – Is it you ? Then smash your thought and just sit before the mirror, observe that what is that you don’t possess? Even the most beautiful person you know ask them, they will be like, no, we want to be like Angelina jolly and even if you ask her she will idealize someone else. Hahahaha so dude, why to cry? You are charming and good to be true. If you think your tan complexion will not allow proposals from commending homes and those Rista Aunties will accuse you for your darker tone, then let them know that what did they do with their fair complexion? Did they reach mount Everest?

6. Beauty Cameras cause body dysmorphia:

We all are obsessed with mobiles and can rarely find a mobile without a beauty camera. All these cameras picture our face in such a way that we are forced to think why we are not the same in reality? These cameras are the cause of body dysmorphia.

Like serious why should we allow these thoughts to our mind? Because you are in the state of complex when you find someone appealing?, Oh! then definitely its culpability of you eyes – want to pluck them? Will you ? Will you do something bad to yourself because of it? No!! Everyone adorns themselves but always find faults with Gods creation and will be asked for not showing gratitude and contentment.

On a serious note you are winsome, do something that costumes your caliber and makes you perceive as a transparent and expressive person or something that makes you ambience, I wont say that don’t use makeup or be devoid from all beauty products but don’t get obsessed with others, you are you, you are enthralling even being effortless, stop detecting, will definitely also help your disturbed mental health.

-Fatima Ali

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