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Rain Water Home Utilization – An Eco Friendly Guide

Rain is a blessing of God. Rain appears to be a blessing for the people living in the east. Eastern people enjoy rain while eating “Pakoras,” but they never noticed that this blissful rain water can be utilized in many ways by allowing to save tons of water. You might be wondering how, keep scrolling and get to know.

Before telling you about “how to make use of water,” lets get to know the benefits of using the Rain Water:

  • The erosion issues caused by dripping water or seepage can be sorted.
  • It will aid in conserving water recourses.
  • Saving water means saving money.
  • Reduces soil erosion.
  • Aids in regulating drainage and river input.
  • Lessens the risk of floods and rise in sea level.

You might ponder that how is it possible, instead it is. If done by the whole and with the help of the government then it is believable, but it doesn’t mean that we on individual basis can not do anything. Unfortunately in eastern countries there is no such arrangement that the water can be stored and utilized, but it never means that we individuals are bond or have tied hands. Every individual counts and can change the world. If every single person tries to make a effort on their own then the change will become very effective. So, we must take some responsibility on our own and try to make this world a better place to live in.

change the world to make it a better place to live in.

Here are some ways and the process of utilization of rain water:

Storing Rain Water:

Storing rain water can not be done for long as stagnant water breeds mosquitos, and also allows the germs to germinate. So, rain water must be utilized within a day or two. Storing rain water is not that much an aurous task to perform, huge drums, barrels or a water container can be made use of. Try using containers that do not get rusty and are easy to clean. Also transportation area can be made on the roof tops. Metal or plastic pipes can be used to fit in the roof tops, allowing the water to flow quickly. If you want to be eco friendly use metal for the transportation area. Also make use of containers that are eco friendly.

storing rain water

How to make use of Stored Rain Water:

1. Drinking and Cooking:

Rain water can proof to be very high quality if consumed. As it is devoid of chlorine and chemicals but as it is collected from roofs and dirty surface; so, by installing filter rain water can be made clean and drinkable.

rain water safe to use for human consumption

2. Wash Clothes:

We use clean water to wash our clothes as we don’t want them to stink or to seem dirty, so instead of using of tap water we can make use of rain water. It will reduce the usage of tap water and will save drinkable water which is as precious as money.

laundry can be done by the using rain water.

3. Dish Washing:

While dish washing we must use clean water as hygiene matters. Rain water is free from contaminants and is safe to use for dish washing. It will allow to stop the wastage of drinkable water.

rain water used for dish washing

4. Toilet Flushing:

Older toilets can use up to 13.6 liters per flush but an eco-friendly toilet can use up to 4 liters of water per flush. In eastern countries as the families are large in number so at least 81.6 per house water is spilled just for flushing. Clean drinkable water is used for flushing which is a large amount of water, spilled in gutters. To stop wastage of drinkable water, when water from clouds can stored and used for flushing.

for flushing rain water can be used

5. Car Washing:

To wash cars many liters of water can be used but the most environmental friendly way to wash a car is using rain water in a bucket. It will give a clean finish to your car and will allow to save water.

car wash by stored rain water

6. Gardening:

Gardening requires a lot of water, and water from clouds can be used for this purpose. The collected water can be sprinkled on the flower buds and the plants you have planted in your garden. As rain water is devoid of all harmful contaminants and also is free from the Chlorine or Fluoride thus is safer for the plants. Usage of rain water will aid in savage of a lot of clean drinkable water.

gardening by rain water

Just by taking some sane and eco friendly steps we can make this country and this world a better place to live in. As every drop counts to fill a glass of water similarly every individual counts and is accountable for their doings, which leads this world towards demise.

-Fatima Ali

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