How to shape your productive routine – lockdown

When you are not socializing and are grounded then other than being bored or home sick you need a lot of energizing and refreshing stuff to relax and enjoy at home. This pandemic has deformed our routine of daily life so here is a suggested way how we can shape our routine into a productive routine.

Here we have listed some of the most handy things to help boost your mood, and will aid you to gain more as well as stay optimistic.

1. Morning Yoga:

It is necessary for us to start our day healthy. Yoga is the best way to maintain your health and boost up your mood. It keeps diseases at bay and promotes flexibility and balance. It also encourages healthy eating.

Tip: Whenever getup in the morning do a simple and a quick exercise by taking a deep breath in the fresh air for 2 minutes and then release it. Do it three times (if you can block the air for 10 seconds to 1 minute without coughing or without any weird feeling then definitely the virus has not infected you and you are fresh and healthy.)

2. Book Reading:

“Books are the best friends” they give time to us we can spend as much time as we can, they help us guide us and keep our thoughts engaged.

So the best thing to do in spare time is book reading. Books like;

  • Is everyone hanging out with me.
  • I feel bad about my neck.
  • The Alchemist.
  • The geography of bliss.
  • Reasons to stay alive.

3. Spend time with beloved ones:

When we are at home we become bore and start creating a fuss but our grandparents who stay in their room all on their own, how would they feel. So why not to spend some time with them listen to what they want to say, some of their experiences, and the old pure talk will give you peace of mind. They will enjoy your company as well as you.

4. Creativity:

Bring out your hidden creativity try to cook or paint, draw, or play with some clay to bring out your creativity and feel surprised to find a new quality.

5. Netflix:

The best thing to spend your time after dinner is watching TV or Netflix. Here are some series that you will be addicted of and will not get bored.

  • Gossip Girl:
  • The Witcher:
  • 13 Reasons Why:
  • 4. Stranger Things:
  • The Vampire Diaries:

All these things will help you stay fresh and cheerful, when grounded at home. When you will seek interest you will find purpose and will opt for the novel things that were hidden inside you. So, there you go, shape your productive routine and find what works for you in this pandemic.

-Fatima Ali

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