Excessive Eating – How to Refrain from

“No-Purpose, No-Direction

No Aim, No-Meaning.”

When the purpose to work to keep yourself content with your tasks is lost. A human becomes extremely tired and lethargic, the thought of striving hard and achieve a goal is doomed as well as the human body. As we all are enduring the lock-down due to corona-virus, we all are experiencing numerous kinds of health issues which can be hazardous for human health, and one of those issue we all are scared of is gaining weight due to excessive eating.

This lockdown makes us sit around more and the home sickness causes stress-eating and futile snacking out of boredom. Here are some ways to prevent being meaty and stout.

1. Be conscious of portion sizes:

It is hard to get the appropriate portion sizes when it come in terms of living home with no other activity left except cooking, but try to figure out, what meat is adequate for you. Make a chart and keep notice of how much and what you eat, if you will try to balance your food you will be capable to control being obese, which will help you control excessive eating.

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2. Limit sugar intakes:

Sugar cracking is something very common and when with plenty of free time at home you will want more but don’t do it! The more sugar intake the more fat you will become, cut off the sugar and if want then fresh fruits should be your priority. The less the intake of sugar best it will be. Use honey or sugar-free sweeteners to avoid consumption of sugar.

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3. Consume fibre more:

Eating fibrous food gives you the feeling of fullness and contributes to a healthy digestive system, this will prevent overeating. Good for vegetables, whole grains, pulses and fruits, don’t opt for refined grain like pasta, rice, or white bread.

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4. Stay Hydrated:

Drinking water is the finest way to refrain the intake of sugar and surplus calories. Use watery fruits like vegetable for example cucumbers.

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5. Avoid fats:

Restrict from using oily things or examine fats like cheese or any dairy products in excess. Try to eat healthy and light food. Eat food which is steamed, grilled or sautéed food, prevent excess use of oil.

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6. Refrain Late Night Snacking:

Keep your hands off late-night snacking which will help a lot to control weight. Avoid the use of coffee or tea so that you could have a sound sleep, This will also help you feel fresh and will pause your midnight snacking which leads to the flesh.

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-Fatima Ali

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    Simple but very precise info? Many thanks for sharing this one.

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