Tired and Demotivated – how to work

Maybe you didn’t sleep well or were working on something that doesn’t excite you ever. Or maybe there is no explanation of why this is happening to you.

First of all, it is Okay. No need to worry about this. Motivation is not something that stays permanent. It is just an emotion, and it comes and goes. There is no way that you can maintain motivation and stay at the peak, as every emotion is perishable. Even the people from whom we are inspired, the most successful people of the world had a time when they were feeling tired and suffered from lack of motivation. So instead of being worried or do things inappropriately comprehend what it is.

Now after reading this that motivation doesn’t last long. So the question may arise in your mind that, how we can we deal with our tiredness due to which we are unable to do our tasks. The answer is that being productive and successful is how you handle the situations when you are feeling tired and exhausted.

I know you might differ with me but yes its true; remember this, successful people are able to produce inspiring results in their lives because they choose to do their work even when they don’t want to do. The difference between successful and ordinary people is that they handle their downtime much better than ordinary people.

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This exactly what I want you to learn to be a successful person in your life. So in order to manage your energy, power of doing work, and motivation when you are feeling exhausted read my guide of 5 steps that are provided below:

1. Remember your goal:

This is one of the most powerful technique to remember why you get started, remember your goal when you feel that you are tired. Why do you want to do? What do you want to do?

Highly successful people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg are highly motivated because they always remember their purpose and why they get started?

So what should you do when you feel exhausted? Just remember your purpose, that will help you to work, and you will not feel tired because as much as you remember your goal the more thirsty you become to achieve it.

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2. Take short breaks:

The reason behind your tiredness maybe you are not giving enough time to yourself to recover. When you try to do the same task over long hours, like take an example of your 9 – 5 job which you have to do 5 – 6 days a week. Your mind feels tired or you get bored.

When this happens, try to do something else for a short period of time the thing that you love to do, that looks “more fun” to you. This will give you the feeling of being relaxed and you can resume your work with more energy at some later time.

One technique that will surely help you do try this on my suggestion is “Pomodoro technique”. This technique suggests you work for 25 minutes and take a short 5 minutes break then. And you can continue this process for a couple of times before you take a longer rest. You can also customize the time framework which suits you either 40  minutes work and 5  minutes break etc.

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3. The use of power naps:

Another step that will help you to stay motivated is to take a short nap because sometimes your brain needs some rest. This short nap is also called as the power nap because this nap is short and aimed to charge your battery (Hahahhaha) means refreshes your mind.

Hence, whenever you felt that you are tired take a power nap. For just 30 minutes, It energizes you and refreshes you to work for hours.

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4. Apply divide and conquer rule:

If you are unable to do your task. Or it looks like a ghost to you and you feel tired to do apply divide and conquer rule divide your job into smaller chunks and try to solve one by one. This will help you to achieve your goals or you can successfully complete your job with this technique. Because when you make the task smaller or divide it into smaller modules they become more manageable and you can tackle the right way. This will greatly lower the resistance and increase your motivation.

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5. Be committed to your job and accountable for your actions:

Nobody wants to look bad or be disgraced in front of others so making a public commitment and accountability works. Of course, this doesn’t mean that share your goals with others and shout out loud with everyone, because sharing goals will not help at all. They will just degrade you and this will decrease your motivation instead of increasing. This world is double ended knife, keep that mind.

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