How to battle anxiety!

Anxiety is a word we use for some types of fear that are usually to do with the thought of a threat or something going wrong in the future, rather than right now.

Anxiety is usually for a short time but if you stick to it for long it will over take your life by affecting the ability to eat, sleep, concrete and are unable to enjoy life, but how can we manage and reduce stress.

  •  Don’t skip meals:

In anxiety usually we don’t feel like eating food, we don’t even enjoy our favorite food, but skipping meals can make anxiety even worse. So don’t stop your hands on food.

  • Breakup from sugar:

It might be tempting to eat sweet when you are stressed out. You might crave for chocolate or candies or redimate sweet food. But don’t eat them they will worsen your anxiety.

  • Watch a funny video:

Laughing is the best and the easiest therapy to overcome anxiety. Search some laughter shows and feel relaxed.

  • Breath In and Out:

Breath deeply in and out, this helps you calm down. Just focus on inhaling and exhaling. This will help you come out of anxiety and help you calm down.

  • Get moving:

Physical activities helps you feel better emotionally, and when you feel emotionally better it improves your entire outlook. Aim for at least  30 minutes of physical activity. So get going and have mental peace.

  • Bed Time:

In anxiety you don’t feel like sleeping. And sleeping is very necessary, it releases the relaxing hormones and help you relax. Humans need to sleep to function properly. Start reading a book do something relaxing before bed, it will improve the quality of sleep and will lead to a better morning.

  • Social Media:

Social Media has the potential to make anxiety worser. Too much internet usage can cause depression, problems with health. Instead of using social media read a book, do some yoga to get a peace of mind.

  • Morning Walk:

Nature is a great healer, when it comes to trees and greenery. Getting up early in the morning and spending some time in the natural environment and open air will open the locked nerves. Much more mindfulness will be gained by you.

-Fatima Ali

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