Finding undertones – Tips and Tricks!!

Finding a lipstick or a foundation colour is really hard, you have to find a colour that suits you. It is common to love a lipstick shade on a beauty counter but when you put it on it does not look as great as you expected , its not the brands or lipsticks fault, its about your “undertone”.

If you are aware of your undertone then it will help you buy lipsticks, foundation, eyeshades and many other beauty products that will complement your skin and will save a lot of money , which you waste just for trying a beauty product.

Continue reading to figure out your undertone.

1. What is Undertone:

Undertones are the colour beneath the skin surface. If the makeup product does not blends with the natural hues that are just below the surface of your skin then the undertone is not found out.

There are undertones; warm, cool and natural.

Warm undertones have tinges of yellow, peach and orange, white a cool undertones have hints of pink , red, and blue. If you don’t have warm and cold undertone or you cant figure out what undertone you have, then its possible that you might have neutral undertone. When you have the mix of cool and warm shades  then definitely your undertone is neutral.

2. How to find undertone:

Here are many ways to find out your undertone.

1. Veins:

The simplest and easy way to check your undertone is by checking your veins on your wrist, the skin on your wrist is thin and the veins are much prominent and visible, if the colour of the veins are green you have warm undertones and if its blue you have got cool tones. If you are not getting wether they are green or blue? Then your tone is neutral.

2. Jewellery Test:

A quick test is to find a piece of silver or gold jewellery, wear it and see which one complements your skin? If silver jewellery complements your skin then you have cool tones and if gold then you have warm tones.

3. White colour test:

Hold a white and a off white cloth against your skin and check the shadow it throws across your face. If off white looks better on you , you have a cool undertone and if white goes with your skin you have warm undertones. If you cant figure out which colour suits you then you definitely have a neutral tone.

3.Right foundation for your skin:

Finding a right foundation according to your undertone is a little hard, the foundation must match your tone as well as complection. The best way to find the foundation is to try it in daylight. Apply the foundation on your jaw line and go out in sunlight if you see pink shade through your foundation then you are cool toned, if you see the yellow hues then you are warm toned.

-Fatima Ali

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