As we all know many countries are suffering from environmental pollution, Pakistan stands among them. Everyday 99% of products are made that are eco-friendly. We have only one world no other place to go. We are bound to live here, then why to make this place a polluted place to live in?

Pakistan is suffering from environmental pollution and does not know which direction to go, here are some tips to pay heed on, to make Pakistan eco-friendly;

Steps To Make Pakistan Eco-Friendly:

1.    Fabric Bags:

Plastic bags are must. 5.6 million matric tones of plastic bags are consumed by Pakistan every year, which have become a main cause of unhealthy environment. Where we can used a stitched fabric bag which will last long 2 years, then why to use plastic bags.

fabric bags

2.    Stop Deforestation:

Planting is the best way to make this world eco-friendly, by planting a tree every month will stop a lot of environmental pollution. Trees are the most essential blessing on earth, they provide us a number of benefits. Deforestation will make the earth naked and will let things attack you, so lets stop excessive cutting of trees and plant more as much as we can.

stop deforestation

3.  Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’S):

Chlorofluorocarbons are chemicals which are used in aerosol sprays. e.g. deodorants, hairsprays, insect spray etc. This chemical has become the main cause of the thinning of the Ozone layer in our atmosphere, which will cause the UV (Ultraviolet rays of sun) to come direct in contact with us and will cause skin cancer or many other diseases.

CFC'S in spray paints

4.    Catalytic Converters:

The burning smoke that omits from the silencers of the cars is making a sheet of smoke beneath the layer of atmosphere which blocks oxygen so we should use catalytic converters in our vehicles that turns harmful, toxic and pollutants in exhaust gases.

catalytic converters

5.    Public Transport:

If we all use public transport instead of personal vehicles we can stop environmental pollution. If 30 people use 30 cars at a time, then think how much pollution will it create? but if those 30 people who will travel in public transport like in a bus, than there will be less environmental pollution.

So we should prefer public transport over personal vehicles.

public transport

6.    Shampoo, Conditioner and Soap Bars:

Shampoo, conditioner and hand-washes are basic need for all of us. 8.7 million tones of plastic bottles are made every year for shampoo, conditioner and hand washes, which are not recycled and become the cause of heaps of garbage.

So instead of consumption of these plastic bottles we should use bars.

shampoo and conditioner bars

7.    Energy Savage:

Energy should be saved as much as we can. Electricity consumption should be reduced, this in-return reduces air pollutants given out by power generators and also saves water consumption.

save electricity

8.    Recycling:

We should recycle things as much as we can. Cans, bottles, paper, cardboards can be recycled to reduce waste. We can make many things out of them and reduce waste.


If we can make an effort to do these things we will make this world a heaven for us. These small changes can make life better and much easier for us and the next generations.

-Fatima Ali

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