A guide to dry brushing!

What is “Dry brushing”?

Dry brushing is an ancient ritual that works for exfoliating the skin and stimulating that lymphatic system. Lymphatic system helps the body detoxify. It work wonders make you feel more energized.

How to dry Brush:

2. Find your Brush:

There are lots of options in the market. You want a stiff bristle but nothing to abrasive, a long handle or none, its all up to your personal preference. You can even go for iconic copper fibers as well and they can help detox the body even more, but for beginners, it can be too harsh.

When I started dry brushing with “Dr. Barbara Sturm body brush”.

It has natural bristles and is non-irritating for most skin types (This is a classical oval and comes with a strap on the back by which one can easily brush work).

2. Get ready:

Dry brushing is best to do before the shower. Grab your brush to be completely nude and start dry brushing.

3. Master the moment:

Don’t get harsh with your skin all of sudden. First apply light pressure on strokes if you feel you can go with a little harder but smooth strokes.

Long strokes are the best, overlap the sections while brushing.

4. Direction’s to go for:

Always dry brush upwards. Start from your feet and move upwards, by this lymphatic fluid will re-enter the blood stream.

5. Clockwise:

When you are done with your legs and reach your thighs go with a little harder strokes upwards at the back of thighs then up to your bum.

When you reach your stomach go in circular motions, clockwise.

6. Arms:

As you did with the feet, start with your hands and come upwards to your head. Don’t forget the upper arm where many lymph nodes live.

7. Finish with your neck:

When you reach your neck brush downwards as since that’s towards the heart.

8. Shower:

Shower is recommended after dry brushing because it helps washout all the dead skin cells that have come with loose during dry brushing.

9. Moisturize when damp:

Any smoothing cream or oil can be applied to your body when damp!

I use coconut oil as it has exceptional properties and is a great moisturizer.

10. Stick to it:

You are not going to see any difference until and unless you are consistent in it. If you follow this practice regularly you will see great results.

Why it is good for our health?

  • A great skin buffer:

Dry brushing is the most physical exfoliator, it removes all the dead skin cells that are their on your skin for a long time.

  • Encourages circulation:

Dry brushing improves blood circulation all over the skin, and makes your sin much more healthier.

  • Reduces Cellulite:

Dry brushing reduces cellulite, toxic fats cells under the skin.

I personally dry brush daily to get rid of all the dead skin cells, which have clogged my pores with. It helps my skin to obsorve more and helps it tighten.

If I share my experience with you then I could say that my skin has become much more smoother and softer than before.

My feet used to swell and got blackish-purple shade whenever I was out or working but now it does not happens with me, all because of dry brushing.

-Fatima Ali

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