Create your ideal morning routine for a productive day.

A solid morning routine has long been the backbone of my self care practice. As someone who deals with depression and anxiety, it makes a noticeable difference in my mental health.

So let’s talk about some of the things you might want to add to your morning routine. Everyone’s ideal morning routine will be different, so the suggestions on the list are meant to be starting points, not a step by step guide to follow. So let’s do an experiment what for you, and remember that key is consistency.

1. Wakeup at your right time:

Getting enough sleep and waking up when your body is ready will lead to more often to a productive day than making a habit of forcing yourself out of bed hours before your brain is ready.

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2. Eliminate decision making task in the morning:

Many productive experts and successful people spend their evenings preparing for the next day because it makes their mornings free to get an early start on important work (breakfast).

Planning the evening before is effective because we have a limited amount of willpower and decision making ability every day. The thought of making too many decisions in the morning will slow down and drain your brain for the rest of the day. If you can eliminate decision making from your mornings, You will have more energy and time to have the most productive morning you can.

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3. Create a morning routine that focuses on your mind:

You don’t need a lengthy meditation routine. Yoga, meditation, journaling, reading or a quiet walk – focus on the outcome, not the practice to get the most out of this special time where you can focus on yourself and center on your heart’s content.

You just need something that helps your mind on what you want to focus on for the day, and set your heart and mind in the right attitude for the day.

So Morning doesn’t have to be rough. By doing a few focused thing when you wake up, you can set yourself up for more productivity throughout the day.

After all, I will say if you win the morning, you win the day. Don’t we all want to win the life?

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-Muhammad Ashar

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