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Coronavirus Myths Regarding Its Cure – Pandemic 2020

Covid 19 broke out in this world so rapidly that many people came under its grasp. Numerous of people died and suffered due to this virus. This pandemic made us think of black death also. Scientists are not able to find cure except for precautions. Everyone prayed to God to save them from coronavirus. The atmosphere during covid-19 was so horrifying and dreadful that every individual went through anxiety.

Our society also possess such persons who gave their own verdict regarding covid-19’s cure. They dispersed such myth’s in connection with Covid 19 that were not effective at all and were nothing more but are misleading people.

Myths About Coronavirus

1. Wearing A Mask Is Not Affective:

Many people consider that wearing a mask is not essential, to prevent themselves from this deadly virus. They believe that these masks are not capable of anything. They are not aware that when we sneeze the saliva droplets expelled are airborne and travel up to 6m depending on the direction of wind as well as the size of the the droplet.

while sneezing droplets travel

While breathing we also omit droplets which can travel far, when other humans inhale the exhalations they can get infectious which leads in expand of coronavirus. Wearing a mask and covering your nose and the area of your mouth is very essential, it becomes a barrier which does not lets in those infectious droplets.

Wear a mask save a life

Hence, its just a myth that wearing a mask does not protects us.

2. Only Elder And Children’s Are Prone To Covid 19:

Indeed children and elder people are prone to infections but Covid 19 is capable to harm a healthy looking person also, though that person is able to recover soon. It is the dire need of time to take precautions and have a healthy immune system.

take precautions to stay safe from corornavirus

3. Coronavirus Will Vanish When The Weather Will Get Warmer:

People believe that as the weather will get warmer the soon it will let the virus vanish, they believe that coronavirus only exists in cold weather but it is nothing more than a myth. Covid 19 broke out all over the world whether the countries were warmer or were in the north. Earth is suffering, and we are the reason, so lets act sane.

take steps to let the earth be healthy and safe from viruses

4. Spraying Alcohol or Chlorine Can Kill Covid 19:

Its true that alcohol and chlorine are great disinfectants and they kill bacteria but they do not posses the power to kill the virus, if you are already infected. WHO (World Health Organization) points this out that spraying such chemicals might harm your eyes, mouth, clothes etc.

spraying alcohol will not kill coronavirus

Do use a alcohol hand sanitizer so that the germs may keep off your hands but do not shower yourself with alcohol or chlorine.

5. Animals Help Spread Of Coronavirus:

People believe that animals outspread coronavirus. In many places ignorant people brutally killed lots of innocent animals believing they are the cause of this virus.

This is insane, killing animals just because of a misconception is being illiterate. There is no evidence that animals can be infected with or are the cause of the spread of corona virus. According to WHO;

“its important to wash your hands whenever you come in

contact with an animal, so that you may avoid the germs they carry.

wash your hands to protect from covid 19

6. Eating Garlic Prevents Us from Coronavirus:

Its a myth that eating a raw garlic will protect you against Covid 19, garlic does comprises antimicrobial properties but there is no authentic evidence that a potent herb can fight against corona.

eating garlic does not prevents from corona

7. Hand Dryers Can Kill This Virus:

This is not true at all, just ponder that how are hand dryers able to kill a virus? Hands carry many germs when not sanitized and when we touch our nose, ears or mouth those bacteria’s enter in our body. So, wash hands frequently and can use hand dryers or a paper towel but don’t forget to sanitize your hands. Using a alcohol based sanitizer will not allow the virus to enter your body.

using sanitizer is important to prevent corona virus.

Here were some myth busters which people were following, so avoid them and take all precautions and stay safe.

-Fatima Ali

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