Clothes to avoid at workplace!

Appearance matters! A personality is judged by the way we look. These are some dresses that do not fit in the place we are, If we go for them then we would be considered as a rebel.

When everybody wears a uniform,

The rebel dresses in fantastic clothes.

When everybody wears fantastic clothes,

The rebel dresses soberly.

– Dj Enright

Even tough the world is rapidly progressing but there are rules to follow if not then the world does not accepts a rebel. Similarly for workplace there is a specific dressing you have to follow otherwise you will not be taken seriously. Read below the major clothing items to avoid at your workplace.

1. Too Much Perfume:

Perfume is an everyday essential It makes us smell good and we look more groomed, but remember excess of everything is bad.

Many people are sensitive to fragrance, and too much perfume will have a headache on your colleagues.

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2. Loud Colours”

Always go for sobar colours when it comes to workplaces like, beige, white, black grey etc. The colour will soft tones will make you look more into the purpose you are there for.

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3. Tight Clothing:

Don’t wear clothes that make you feel uncomfortable. You don’t want to struggle sitting, So avoid clothes that make you feel more fashionable then being more productive.

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4. Flip-Flops:

Comfort matters but to casual looks will make you look lack interested in your work, and the sound of flip-flops an annoy others. Instead of opt a nice comfortable pairs of black loofers pumps, or sandals.

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5. Leggings:

Don’t wear tights or leggings to your workplace, They might be see through and make you feel odd. Leggings are not jeans that will not make you feel comfy. So don’t !

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-Fatima Ali

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