Beauty Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

If you think you know every thing about cosmetics and beauty then definitely you are wrong. Here are some crazy facts that will blow your mind and will give you a whole new out-look of makeup.

1. Perfumes were used for cosmetic and medical purpose:

Perfumes are used all over the world to keep ourselves sented sweet and fresh formerly were used to cure ailments. In ancient times it was used in China for disinfection. The Egyptian civilization used a very popular perfume of that time called Kyphi, it was made of flowers, honey, wine and berries. It was used to cure liver, lungs and intestinal problems.

2. Lipstick the most essential item in world war2:

Red Lipstick was considered very essential in world war 2, nurses used red lipsticks to remind themselves that they were ladies first and secondary member of military. It was also believed by them that red lipstick had soothing and calming effects on male soldiers.

3. Lipsticks made with crushed jewels:

In ancient times women used to crush semi-precious jewels and used to decorate their lips. Since then lipstick was made with everything and gained popularity.

4. The left side of the face is more attractive then the right side:

If you just have a look and see that the right side of your face is not as much prettier than the left side. In a study published in “Psychology Today”, Students were asked to rate the attractiveness of ten females and ten male faces, in which left side posed pictures were voted higher.

-Fatima Ali

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