Ahhh again Monday……Why?

Do you ever think that we all remember Monday’s and Fridays? Why we remember only Mondays and Fridays and other days of a week carry less meaning to us.

This is because Monday is considered as boring, tired and hectic day while Friday is associated with words like parties, freedom, picnics and watching movies, etc.

Mondays really make us blue we even don’t want to get out of our bed or scared on Sunday that tomorrow will be Monday. We often heard from everyone I love Fridays and I hate Mondays. And if we ask them what about midweek days they turn blank, they don’t know what to say. Actually it is not Monday who is at fault, this is the work that make us hate from Monday’s and fall in love with Friday’s. Most of the people are doing the work that they don’t want to. They are doing the job for that they are not meant for. They all are doing it forcefully or due to some other reason. Therefore when they hear that the weekend is over and they had to start their same routine, all their joy is dusted to ground and they shout. ” WHY MONDAY AGAIN!!”

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So if you are not jumping out of bed on Monday morning then definitely there is a problem with your work.

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“Living for a weekend” is not a long term strategy. You cannot go through life or make progress by accepting that 5 out of every 7 days are going to be spent doing the same undesirable job. If you are reading my weblog at a place that is not stimulating you;

Why are you even there to begin with?

Because it’s easy?

Because it gives you comfort?

Because it pays well?

If your answer to all my above questions is Yes, then you are not only doing a disservice to your company only but, you are doing a disservice to yourself. You try to dodge yourself along your boss.

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And there is nothing that gives a clearer answer to you other than how you feel first thing Monday morning. If you encounter any of the following problems then you need to question whether it is Monday who is responsible for your hate to it or your work.

1. You got more than 8 hours of sleep and you still feel tired.

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This is very clear now that your sleep is not a problem you took 8 hours rest. The problem is that you are not emotionally invested in what you are doing. Let’s remember the last time you went on vacation enjoyed the whole day long then went to bed late and woke up early in the morning but didn’t feel exhausted. If the answer is Yes! Then man Monday is not faulty but your work is!

2. You are not doing something that gives you peace.

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It is obvious you don’t want to get out of your bed if you had to go to a job you genuinely not enjoy. You are much more willing to do you are interested in.

3. You don’t like or feel comfy with the people you work with.

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Most of the time, it’s people around you that define how you stay in any given situation. Regardless of your feeling about your work. It can be very much difficult to take satisfaction in doing something with people who don’t cheer you up.

So for most of us, the usual Monday blues start creeping in from Sunday itself. We spend the entire day or evening with thoughts, plans, and activities that can help gear us up for a hectic Monday. Ever thought what is stressful about Mondays anyway? Ask your self the above questions and If anyone results in Yes! So, you should do something with your work routine.

-Muhammad Ashar

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