After Shower Habits-makes you pretty!

Our life surrounded around some specific routine which we love to do or which becomes a part of our life as it is repeated regularly and becomes our habit.

So why not go for such After Shower Habits that will make you pretty.

1. Brush lips along teeth:

We all brush our teeth on a daily basis. Of course, no one wants a stinking mouth, but we forget our lips. You might be thinking that I am mad and have lost it but yes we forget to brush our lips. Brushing our lips is necessary it helps the blood to circulate and removes the dead skin. It makes the lips look more pretty and pink. It brings the natural pink colour back to our dull lips.

2. Body exfoliation:

Exfoliation is the process that removes dead cells from the body. Body exfoliation should be done before shower, because the removed dead skin on the body is rinsed off by water.

Exfoliation should be done with rough cloth a natural bristle brush or a loofah. (Depends totally on your choice). This encourages blood circulation makes your body soft and improves hydration.

TIP: Never forgot to moisturize after cleansing.

3. Oiling before shampoo:

We apply a lot of hair serums and try a lot of hair masks but still washed hairs are rough and tangled. The only solution is that oil your hair before shampoo. By this, you will notice how much silky, smooth and soft your hair will become.

4. Let your hair dry naturally:

Blow drying your hair can cause heat damage and can weaken your hair. So leave them open and let them dry.

5. Moisturize with the body oil:

We forget to moisturize after the shower. Moisturizing with oil after shower prevents water from evaporating from our skin and locks the moister.

You can get any oil, coconut oil is best it smells good and is a great moisturizer. You can also go with shea butter.

6. Instead of rubbing Pat:

“Bolt your skin gently dry with a towel”

After shower never rub your skin dry with a towel, it can cause dry flaky skin. After shower skin becomes gentle, soft and sensitive so it’s better to pat instead of rubbing your body.

7. SPF:

People think sunscreen should be applied to the skin just when they are planning to be out. But its wrong apply SPF after the shower it will give you a healthy skin.

These are some regular based mistakes done by us. If we start avoiding them and make these above mentioned corrections our habits they we will make us much prettier then before.

-Fatima Ali

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