8 ways to dress yourself confidently!

Dressing adds a lot more than we think to our personality. The style of dressing makes us bold and confident. The more we dress confidently the more composed we will look.

Because one’s beleive in oneself,

One doesn’t try to convince others

Because one is content with oneself,

One doesn’t need others approval

Because one accepts oneself,

The whole world accepts him or her

– Lao Tuz

1. Body Confident:

No one is a super model, we all are different with different mental caliphers and unlike bodies Just love the way God has made you, be proud of your figure. Take care of yourself and rock the way you are. When you feel confident with your shape, dressing confidently will be much more easier.

2. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable:

Always remember clothes are made for you, you are not made for them. Always go with your comfort zone. Don’t force a fashion trend on yourself to be stylish. Just be in your comfy dress accessorize yourself make it stylish by doing some bold make over or a super sassy bag. Just be comfortable in your clothes.

3. Jeans:

Wearing Denim make you feel so confident. Don’t worry if you have cellulite on your legs or feel body shamed just go for jeans that are made for you. You can go for perfect straight jeans, baggy, oversized jeans or or if want contored or elongated legs to go for paige or skinny jeans.

4. 3-Inches Heels:

No doubt that high heels make you feel like a boss lady but they can be painful or you might be uncomfortable in them so go for 3-inch heels. They are the perfect height for both confident and comfort.

5. Blazers:

The formal blazer has become synonyms with strong females. Women feel more confident when they slip on one.

6. Colour:

Colours make the world feel different for us, colours of the dress matters a lot. Rich complections look stunning for citrus shades, while softer sorbet shades flatter paler dispositions, Cue yellow! It’s a hue that looks gorgeous on all skin tones.

Nowadays many bright popping neon shads also make you feel much more confident.

7. Wearing glasses:

Wearing glasses seems like a coward but makes you feel more like being carefree, not bothering about the peoples stare, just being you.

8. Lingerie:

It may seem foolish to you but when you are wearing a good laced comfortable and a pretty lingerie you will feel much more confident and it will encourage self-love.

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We all believe that confidence is just as much about what lies underneath, as it is what’s on the outside.

-Fatima Ali

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