7 ways to strike a pose for Instagram

Instagram is a recent obsession of people and everyone wants their food to look attractive and eye catchy, somehow they fail. Here are some tips how to strike a pose for insta and make it fetching.

1. Creative Rotate:

Pictures look more extraordinary when they are posted upside down or are rotated. Then makes your feed look more winning.

2. Background:

Backgrounds are very important to be picture perfectic. This make even the simple picture look popping. Find good backgrounds and stand out the picture.

3. Different angles:

Usually only one pose it tried or the camera is placed right in front of the face which gives the picture a very tiresome look. Try different angles and click pictures that will add uniqueness to them.

4. Play:

Usually while taking pictures the stiffness is not gone, body postures are very rigid which make the picture look very ill. Playing with yourself while taking pictures makes you feel confident and beautiful.

5. Candid:

Candid pictures are very natural. Try to bluff others by posing candid, pretend not to use the lense and laugh or sway as you want to, this will help you to have a heart to heart picture.

6. Stairs:

Using stairs for pictures is a very cool idea. Stairs are very symmetrical and you don’t need to put much effort to your picture. It, itself gives a well balanced and a comfy picture.

7. Stick to wall picture:

Make a simple basic picture by standing against the wall, Take a closeup and blur the background that will make your picture pop more and will be a different angle. Try all these tips and tricks to make your insta worth watching we bet you will enjoy many likes

-Fatima Ali

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