7 Steps to be optimistic

Being optimistic is not a quality, some are born with optimism and some with negativity or mostly failures they face take them to the pessimistic side. Being optimistic in hard times is positivity being constructive.

Here are 7 motivating steps to make you stay positive.

1. Find Optimism in negative situation:

Hardships are the name of life we all go through hard times but it does not mean that we should think negative. Think that what is the positive and good thing about the current situation? What opportunity  is within this situation?

This will allow you to process your thoughts and feelings, this will also make you feel the positive side of the situation and will prevent things from getting worse.

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2. Positive Environment:

To be able to stay positive it is essential to have influences in your life that uplift you and energies you instead of letting you down. Think that what most negative things are you surrounded with?

Spend less time with people who demotivate you or make you feel negative.

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3. Don’t blow out of proportion:

Don’t get overconcerned or don’t rush into things, it is easy to loose perspective especially if you are stressed.

These are simple steps to handle this situations;

  • Stop Overthinking:

Don’t overthink about things that are happening. Just relax and stop thoughts that are filling in your head.

  • Breath and Refocus:

Breathing is the best therapy, to calm down. Take deep long breaths and let your mind be at peace. When you calm down then refocus to think the solution to the problem and take positive control over the situation.

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4. Don’t let fear hold you back:

We think negative because we don’t think of the present state, we are just worried about the future what will happen next, this fears us. Be realistic try to figure out, produce clarity in your mind. Think something more worse might would have happened. So always motivate yourself to positivity.

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5. Exercise Regularly:

Morning exercises open up’s your mind it allows more positivity and freshness to your mind which allows you to be more focused and kicks back the negativity.

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6. Take criticism for good:

Criticism frets us, we don’t like to be criticized at all, because it allows negativity to flow in, but if you think positively then just take notice that criticism allows you to amend your mistakes, you become conscious and never make these mistakes gain.

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7. Be Mindful:

Be in your present don’t worry about the present or future just be in past, be practical, this takes you away from all the worries and you will focus on your work. This keeps your mind healthy and prevents negative vibrations. Feel the moment Be with it, without any other thoughts.

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-Fatima Ali

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