6 Things your nails tell about your health

Beauty is something that builds inside first, then is shown outwards. Healthy us makes us look strong and stout, Otherwise, the outer beauty also appears to be odd. Our hair, skin, and nails can tell us a lot about what is happening beneath the surface. They suddenly turn out contrary, when something goes wrong.

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Usually the nails in particular tell by changing their texture, shape, colour and strength. Give your nails a minute and find it out. Keep reading!

1. Nail Texture:

Your nails should be smooth and strong, their should be no dents or bumps on the nails.

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2. Lack Moister:

Skin and hair feel rough and dry, ripples appear on your nails, then definitely its lack of moister. Take a biotin-rich supplement and gain back the moister, elasticity back.

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3. Colour Changing:

The yellow colour of nails is due to nail polish or acrylic nails which don’t allow them to breathe. So don’t put on too much of them, but if the pale colour appears and none of these two is the cause then understand there is a fungal infection.


4. Black Streaks:

If black streaks appear then rush to a doctor they might be the cause of cancer. Painful black lines might be the cause of cancer so go have it checked.

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5. Strength of your nail:

If you have soft brittle nails, then make them strong and flexible by taking the supplement of vitamin “B”, it delivers the right amount of essential amino acids and minerals that are needed to produce Keratin and Collagen for healthy nails.

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6. Chipped, Peeling Nails:

Nails that chip could be a sign of iron-deficiency. To prevent it from happening all you need is iron intake. Iron deficiency can even cause the texture of the nail to change.

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