6 Mind changing must read books

Books are referred as man’s best friend because books without anything in return share knowledge and information with us. We always gain from them and enhance our knowledge.

Books are of every type. We can obtain knowledge from any book. It is a fact that books cannot replace technology so we cannot give up reading books.

Here are some books that will totally change your perspective of thinking and will broaden your school of thought. (Nazirya).

1. Atomic Habits; By James Clear:

Atomic Habits” is a comprehensive book which consists of easy and proven ways to build good habits by boycotting the old bad habits. This book motivates us and guide us how to get better everyday. It will boost up and motivates to have a strong will power to breakup your bad habits. It will design the environment and will tell you tiny easy steps that will makes success easier.

2. This Is Water; By David Foster Wallace:

This is water” tells us the learning power that “how to think”. This book is about mental exercise that how to control over, how and what you think. It let us master the art that how we are going to see life and how you construct meaning from experience. It allows the reader to purify his thinking.

3. Manual For living; By Epictetus:

Manual for living” is a book that tells how to spend your life because people often spend their lives chasing things that are neither desirable nor important as they seem. It is about how man fix his faults on others. It tells that your opinion of things is what makes them good or bad. You are responsible for your own opinions, thoughts and feelings.

4. Life is my mind; By 31 authors:

This powerful book is a collection  of 31 stories of different authors and their experience. These authors have discussed their journey of dealing with depression, anxiety OCD, ADHD, addition, PSTD, eating disorders and bipolar disorder.

This book gives hope to people who are suffering and tells how to overcome it.

5. We’re all mad; by Claire Estham:

It explains that how much hazardous can social anxiety be. It tells how to survive university, workplace, social media, parties and dates. It is a guide to beat social anxiety.

6. The art of the start; By Guy Kawasaki:

It is a great book for entrepreneurs. It tells how to startup a business. It gives each and every concept how to start and end it up. How to earn more with a proper setup and strategy.

-Fatima Ali

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