5 Ways to layer up necklaces

Accessrizing a simple dress gives you a super cool look. Necklaces were considered a style statement once, but soon we got bored of it and went for other options to look trendy but, but from the past some years we saw that layering up necklaces looked more modest and definitely gave us a style statement that goes viral.

Check how to style your necklace like a pro!

1. Mix and Match:

Its fun to mix match and if it looks great we are sky high happy. Just get a choker, some chains or pendants or any other necklaces mix match them and layer them up. You will look much more modest then ever!

Tip: If you are wearing a simple tee go for layering up necklaces and don’t forget to add gold colour chain or choker it will give you a vibrant look.

2. Coined Necklaces:

Coin necklace is the most sizzling trend right now. These are simple but the most elegant piece of necklaces. They are perfect for being worn solo, but even if you layer them up they will be more eye-popping.

3. Shell Necklaces:

Seashell jewelry is the most attractive jewelry for summers. Seashell necklace gives you the ultimate maximalist look. Get a poka shell necklace if you want it to look more attractive.

4. Monocrome:

Monocrome means to go all for one colour layer up necklaces of the same colour. This works more if colourful outfits, they allow the bright colour of the outfit pop, and keeps the perfect balance.

5. Chains:

Just layer some delicate gold coloured chains together. Get chains of different shapes and styles layer them up with any basic black or white tee and get a stylish and insta friendly look.

-Fatima Ali

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