10 Ways to make money at home being a mom

Mom’s have many responsibilities at home, its not easy to take care of domestic chores along siblings, so job is an impossible task for moms. Moms can earn money at home without neglecting their kids.

Here are some flexible ways to earn money by staying at home, with the use of their skills.

1. Craft Selling:

Turn your passion into business. Try to be innovative make your own crafts pieces and sell them. You can arrange exhibitions or sell your handicrafts online, by this you can earn money by using your creative skills, without neglecting your kids.

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2. Blogging:

Now a days there are numerous blogs but blogs are best for moms. They don’t require a specific time or a place just you have to keep people engaged by sharing interesting and unique information. Mom’s love to cook for their kids or family so why not to open a food blog? Or a blog related to fashion. Mommy blogging is all time-high. Sharing tips, tricks or just sharing picture related to kids or how it feels being a mom is a plus point of blogging, and a great earning.

3. Cake Decorator:

Love baking? The perfect job is that bake cakes for birthday parties, weddings, farewells or any events in home and let the networking begin.

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4. Setup online stores:

You can earn profit by making your online store. You can sell beauty products or something of your interest by which you could earn profit.

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5. Freelance writer:

If you love writing and you want to use this skill and earn more money then then there are thousands of job listings available for freelancers. This is the best source to earn money at home.

6. Home Catering:

Represent your culinary skills to your family, then prepare food and deliver it to offices, get-togethers and homes, you can earn really good money from it.

7. Resume writing:

Resumes should be strong and well-built, sometimes people find trouble to write it. Creating resume is a skill if you know how to compile the work together then you should try and write professional resumes and earn.

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8. Sell your closet:

Women love to make clothes and we feel shame to wear the some dress we wore before. These dresses are jused  hanged in the closet so why not to sell them. Make your page click pictures of your clothes and start selling.

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9. Teach online:

Transform your knowledge and expertise into an online course and get well paid! Teach the subject you are expert in. Without consuming much time you can teach online and let people gain knowledge from you.

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10. Write reviews for cash:

We always have an opinion about everything, wether it’s a product or a movie review get paid and make some extra cash for showing it!

-Fatima Ali

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